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10 Things you need to know before you start your hypnotherapy journey

Have you been looking for help, to start anew? Maybe you’re dealing with a bad habit you wish to break and find you just can’t do it on your own, perhaps due to lack of motivation, or you're just not sure how to or where to start. Maybe you’re going through a form of depression, or anxiety controls your daily routine. It could be that a fear is holding you back from truly living your best life. Or it could be that you’re going through a difficult time losing weight, or are you dealing with a deeper issue.

You’re a bit unsure of exactly where to turn. Suddenly it comes to you..."Hypnotherapy!"

Hypnotherapy? That’s a thing, right? Well, as a strategic hypnotherapist myself, I can tell you, yes, it is! You've probably heard of it but you're not really sure what it's all about. You might have an idea but you never thought of it as a form of therapy that could help yourself.

If this is your very first-time hearing about hypnotherapy or you've heard about it before but you just aren’t quite sure it’s a good fit for you, I’ve got 10 things you should know about before giving me a call.

And if you want to learn more check out my other blog posts >>>> HERE to give you a greater insight!

1. TV and stage hypnosis are for entertainment. That’s it!

At some point in our lives, we’ve likely seen on TV or on stage someone being hypnotised. Usually someone ends up clucking like a chicken. (I'm already picturing it as I recall a stage act on holidays, if you know, you know).

Please know this is just for entertainment, and nothing would ever happen against your wishes. Know that ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF-HYPNOSIS! It's very unlikely you would be hypnotised by a swinging pocket watch, and you’d NEVER be asked to do something you do not wish to do. TV and Stage hypnosis has unfortunately made people very wary of hypnosis and hypnotherapy because they are afraid it is some form of mind control. Which couldn't be further from the truth, in fact it gives you back control of your mind!

2. Hypnotherapy is not a new therapy

While research is still being gathered about its effects and uses, hypnotherapy is far from a new form of therapy! Think of it as a very different type of therapy from traditional talk therapy. (Research has shown that 93% of people had a recovery after 6 Hypnotherapy sessions verse 38% of people after 600 sessions of Psychoanalysis Talk Therapy! Think of the time and money saved on this alone). Hypnotherapy delves into your subconscious mind and works with making changes within a semi dream-like or focused state. During this state of mind, your subconscious mind can be transformed within a heightened state of learning, where you are more receptive to suggestions for modifying behaviour or self-improvement.

Many people describe hypnosis as being in a state of focus, feeling calm and relaxed. If you feel yourself slipping into a dream-like daze, lost in your own thoughts, even when you’re wide awake, this is hypnosis. I like to describe it to someone who's driving or on a car journey, have you ever noticed you get into the car and then it suddenly feels like your home? You cant always remember the journey because you've taken the same route so many times. That is a hypnotic state!

(Note: Please remember that each individual is different and has different needs and it may take a shorter or longer amount of time and sessions to bring about lasting change.)

3. Hypnotherapy is safe and effective

The effectiveness of hypnotherapy is persistently dependent and flexible. A person’s susceptibility will vary, and some techniques that work for some will be less effective for others. Hypnotherapy is drug-free and pain-free, is safe and poses no harm to the person in session, as long as it’s a certified trusted professional (like myself) carrying out the treatment in a client centered way.

4. Hypnotherapy isn’t magic

Though it is safe, effective, and can work quickly, hypnotherapy is not a magic wand. As wonderful as that would be. It won’t work overnight. (Although most of my clients do sense a feeling of that change beginning after the first session). It will take a few sessions to see real change and it will take real work on your part as well as a willingness to change (if it’s a habit such as changing your eating patterns to lose weight). This is such an important point, and is why I will always have a consultation with my clients before hand to see what their expectations are for our sessions, make sure they are aware of this and that they know that their success will depend greatly on their own willingness to change. I begin with no less that 2 sessions with each client. I want the change to take effect as much as they do, it would not be right to do just one session with a client. Real change depending on the issue can take 4-6 and sometimes depending on how deeply routed the issue 12 sessions.

Click here>>> To Schedule A Free 30 Minute Consultation Call (and ask me about my monthly payment plans).

5. Everyone can be hypnotised

It is very rare that a person cannot be hypnotised. Hypnosis is a natural state we are in 100 plus times a day, while watching TV, daydreaming or like I mentioned driving, just to name a few. Did you know children up to age 12-14 are in a constant state of hypnosis. The matters is you must want to be hypnotised. You cannot be hypnotised against your will. Therefore, the suggestions I give you will only work if you want and allow them to. Fear is the number one reason why a person will let not themselves be hypnotised. It’s not that they can’t be hypnotised, it is that they CHOOSE not be. This is extremely important to remember.

Hypnotherapy is collaborative, so establishing a rapport and trust for it to work with your hypnotherapist as well as having an open mind with a desire to succeed, you are more likely to experience a positive outcome.

Note: I believe in the importance of explaining why we do the things we do as humans, why the brain functions the way it does and why we then react they way we do to situations. I cover this during my sessions with clients within the mindset coaching part of our sessions.

6. hypnotherapy can help with a number of things

There is an abundance of things hypnotherapy can help with, I personally deal with issues such as weight loss, mental health issues like depression, anxiety, phobias, self-esteem, insomnia , sports performance.

Along with many other issues which you can see if you click >>> HERE

It is important to remember you should only deal with one issue at a time for hypnotherapy to be most effective.

Note: If there is an issue you are dealing with that hypnotherapy is used to aid (such as ceasing smoking or drinking) which I don't personally specialise in, I will gladly be able to assist you in matters that may be causing these issues or get you in touch with someone to assist you further.

7. Hypnotherapy isn’t a cure-all for medical issues

As a friendly reminder, just because I’m a strategic hypnotherapist, that doesn’t mean I’m a medical doctor. That goes for the rest of us hypnotherapists! While I can help with insomnia, as an example, I’m not able to cure diseases such as heart disease or cancer. Please don’t ever think of hypnotherapy in this way.

8. You have complete control

Only you have control of your hypnotherapy journey, and only you can determine your goal. As your hypnotherapist I will design sessions with specific tools to aid you in achieving your goal. I will ask you about your likes and dislikes. Your therapy will be facilitated with personalised and client centered techniques while in the hypnotic state.

I also provide what I call "Success Worksheets" after your session (s), this explains what we have discussed, and techniques to aid you in your journey. Again you have the control as to whether you chose to do these or not, as a rule we must become used to repetition for success, and I have seen fantastic results from clients that have committed to these Success Worksheets. You also receive personalised hypnosis recordings after each session, tailored to you depending on your needs, you have the control as to whether or not you listen to them in your own time and allow them to aid you in making a positive change.

Remember: Even while you’re in hypnosis, you are still in control. You cannot do something you do not wish to do. Your subconscious will protect you and respond to suggestions that are in your best interest. Your body will allow you to become fully conscious if something is said to you that was not agreed upon.

9. Some treatments take longer than others

An initial consultation can be about 30 minutes, with your first session lasting about 1 and a half to2 hours, and follow-up sessions lasting approximately an hour or sometimes more (my prices are by the session and not the hour so if we run over it is not an extra expense on you.

Depending on what your sessions are for, hypnotherapy treatment can be effective in as little as 1-2 sessions (this is recommending for a fear or phobia).

However the average is approximately 4-6 sessions depending on the issue.

I have a wonderfully successful 1 on 1 programme THE NEW YOU, this is available in both a 6 Session or 12 session programme, tailored specifically to your needs. It is perfect for personal development, issues with anxiety & boosting your confidence. (Monthly payment plans available).

Some people enjoy the process and make it part of their daily self-care routine! I know I do!

10. The effects vary from person to person

Hypnotherapy sessions may show results right after a session, or you may feel the positive effects weeks later. For example, a client may begin therapy with insomnia, and then in a couple weeks come in for a session expressing they realised they hadn’t experienced any issues sleeping in days.

You only need 3 things before our sessions

These are most helpful before you begin your sessions. You need:

  • Willingness to try and change your life for the better.

  • An issue that you wish to resolve, improve or get help from during the session.

  • A good internet connection to get the absolute most of your online session.

Hypnotherapy works best with a clear goal, such as “I want to overcome my fear of heights.” It is all about intention, and your drive and want to change your life, with an open mind all the while.

Preparing for a session is that simple. Come online with an open mind and put trust in me or your hypnotherapist (whom you’ve made a rapport with). That’s literally all you need.


Would you like a few of your questions answered about hypnotherapy?

And if you feel more ready to change your life via hypnotherapy, give me a call, email or book a free 30 minute consultation.

Check out my interview on LMFM on The Late Lunch with Gerry Kelly for more on Hypnotherapy and the Benefits it can have on your life.


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