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5 Lies You Need to Stop Telling Yourself: Breaking Free from Childhood Conditioning

5 lies we need to stop telling ourselves

As a rapid transformational healer and hypnotherapist, I've witnessed firsthand how deeply ingrained beliefs from childhood can shape our perceptions and hold us back from reaching our full potential. That's why I wanted to share five common lies we've been told as kids and why it's crucial to break free from their grip.

Keep going to the end I've a gift for you! 

Lie 1: "I'm Not Good Enough" 

Have you ever been told that you're not smart enough to do something? Or that you're good but not great so not to bother unless you're perfect?

From a young age, many of us are bombarded with messages that we're not good enough – not smart enough, not talented enough, not worthy enough.

These beliefs often stem from comparisons to others or unrealistic expectations placed upon us. But the truth is, you are inherently worthy and deserving of love and success, just as you are.

Lie 2: "I'll Be Happy When..."

Have you ever been led to believe that you'll only be happy when you get that promotion, buy that car, house, have kids or find that perfect partner?

Growing up, we're often conditioned to believe that happiness is something to be pursued in the future and it comes with conditions – when we achieve a certain goal, acquire a specific possession, or reach a particular milestone. 

However, true happiness isn't found in external achievements or possessions; it's a state of being that can be cultivated in the present moment.

This was a BIG lie for me, it made me believe I was always chasing happiness, now I have learnt the true meaning of being grateful, and let me tell you i'm happy to say it didn't come from a man, a car, or any other condition.

Lie 3: "I Can't Change" 

Have you ever been told that 'people don't change' or 'you'll always be this way'? 

I know I've heard those words before, but let me tell you, I wonder have you been the same as time went on but I know I've experienced firsthand that change is not only possible but inevitable. With each challenge I've faced and every lesson I've learned, I've emerged as a better version of myself. 

So, if you've ever doubted your ability to change, remember that growth is a natural part of the human experience.

As children, we may have been told that we're set in our ways or that certain aspects of ourselves are immutable. But the reality is that change is always possible with the right mindset and tools. We have the power to rewrite our stories and transform our lives, no matter our age or circumstances.

Lie 4: "I'm Alone in This" 

Have you ever felt like you're the only one struggling with your thoughts and feelings? Have you ever been afraid to ask for help because you think no one else understands?

Feeling isolated in our struggles is another common misconception we may have internalised from childhood. We may have been taught to hide our vulnerabilities or that asking for help is a sign of weakness. But the truth is, we're all in this together, and reaching out for support is a courageous act of self-care.

But reaching out for support is not a sign of weakness; it's a courageous act of self-care. And more often than not, I've found that others have experienced similar challenges and are willing to lend a helping hand.

Lie 5 : "I Don't Deserve Happiness"


Have you ever been made to feel guilty for wanting more out of life? Have you ever believed that you don't deserve to be happy because of past mistakes or shortcomings?

Feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy may have been instilled in us from a young age, leading us to believe that we don't deserve happiness or fulfillment. But the truth is, you are deserving of love, joy, and abundance, simply by virtue of being human.

I know I've grappled with these feelings myself. There were times when I felt selfish for aspiring to greater heights or unworthy of happiness because of past beliefs. But I've come to realise that wanting more out of life is not selfish – it's a testament to our desire for growth and fulfillment. And as for past beliefs, they don't define us. They're simply stepping stones on the path to becoming the best version of ourselves.

I'm on a mission to help people break free from the lies they have been told and the lies they continue to tell themselves. By challenging these ingrained beliefs we can rewrite our stories and create a future filled with possibility and joy. Follow for more on building your thriving mind!

As a gift to support you on your journey, I invite you to download my 8-minute "Calm Your Mind" hypnosis recording. This guided meditation will help you relax, release stress, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. Simply click the link below to access your free download.

Here's to breaking free from childhood conditioning and embracing the truth of who you are!

Elizabeth Caplin

 Rapid Transformational Healer & Hypnotherapist


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